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EPWRF India Time Series

The EPWRF India Times Series (EPWRFITS), interactive online database launched in January 2011, is an initiative taken by the EPW Research Foundation (EPWRF) with an aim to provide time series data facilitating research across various sectors of Indian Economy.

Perceiving the indispensible role of and need for authentic time series data in socio-economic research and analysis, the EPW Research Foundation has built the EPWRF India Time Series based on the core values - ACCURACY, TIMELINESS and COMPLETENESS.

EPWRF India Time Series is a unique online database with its comprehensive coverage of Indian economy for a fairly long time period and it comprises over a lakh variables capsuled in 27 modules. The database tries to provide in continuous time series from 1950 depending on the availability.

The database is well accepted by the research community in India as well as abroad. Major subscribers include several Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) institutes and Universities (central, state and private), IIMs, IITs, Banks and top-ranked management institutes.

Salient Features
  • Time series data
    • Comprising major sectors with various periodicities
    • Timely updation of data
  • User-friendly interactive online system
    • Ease of identifying variables
    • Versatility of data variables/series selection
    • Easy to download and export to excel file
  • Enhancing Research
    • Saves time spent on data compilation
    • Plotting of data variables/series
    • Availability of ‘Meta Data’ at a click
EPWRF India Time Series in press

EPWRFITS: Time Series Data for Research
EPWRFITS - II : An Introduction to Six Data Modules
EPWRFITS - III : Time Series Data for Research