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Access to EPWRF India Time Series:

1. Access to EPWRF India Time Series (www.epwrfits.in) shall be subscription based. EPWRF shall revise subscription rates as and when it deems necessary.

Annual Subscription

2. All annual subscription payments shall be paid in advance. Access to EPWRF India Time Series shall be provided on receiving 100% payment, on non-refundable basis.

3. Subscribers shall be entitled to a discount of 10% only if two or more modules are subscribed.

4. All renewals shall avail a 30% discount if payment for renewal is made within 30 days from the date of expiry. In the event of non-receipt of payment for renewal within the stipulated time, subscription shall be treated as new and accordingly new subscription charges shall apply.


5. In the case of Pay-Per-Use facilities, users shall be able to retrieve the required data after making the necessary payment.

Obligations of Subscribers:

6. Access to EPWRF India Time Series under individual and institution categories (university/college/any other institutions) shall be given on non-transferable basis.

7. Subscribers shall not redistribute or sell any data sets retrieved from EPWRF India Time Series.

8. Institutional subscribers shall not extend access to EPWRF India Time Series through any other websites and through any network beyond the domain / premises of their IP addresses.

9. Individual subscribers shall not share the username and password to any third person / institution / organisation for accessing EPWRF India Times Series.

10. EPWRF encourages all users of EPWRF India Time Series to provide feedback so as to improve user interface and to inform EPWRF if any discrepancies are noticed with the original sources and also to bring to notice any technical snags faced while attempting to retrieve the data. However, making any change to the website (www.epwrfits.in) and its contents shall be at the sole discretion of EPWRF.

Making changes to Website and its Contents:

11. EPWRF reserves the right to make changes to the website (www.epwrfits.in) and its contents without any prior notification.


12. The data sets disseminated through EPWRF India Time Series have been collected from the publications of various official agencies. While EPWRF makes stupendous efforts to ensure accuracy of data between original sources and EPWRF India Time Series, it does not guarantee accuracy of data in the original sources and it shall not be responsible for any errors and omissions in the original sources.

13. EPWRF endeavours to provide the data sets in a time series format; however, it does not guarantee continuity in the publication of original sources of data or availability of data as previously published. EPWRF shall not be responsible for any discontinuity in the data series in EPWRF India Time Series or for non-inclusion of any data.

14. EPWRF endeavours to reduce the lead time between releases of data and uploading them onto EPWRF India Time Series; however, it does not follow any fixed calendar. EPWRF does not guarantee timely release of data by the official agencies.

15. EPWRF has taken proper caution in compilation and dissemination of data series in a time series format. Data series disseminated through EPWRF India Time Series has no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to warranties of efficiency and effectiveness of EPWRF India Time Series, suitability of data for a particular use, quality of data, accuracy of data as per original sources, completeness in uploading or updating of data as is in the original sources and timeliness in updating the data.

16. EPWRF does not provide any warranty that EPWRF India Time Series shall meet all the data requirements of subscribers or users of the database. EPWRF shall not accept any liability for results obtained from the use of data from EPWRF India Time Series and also for any consequences or loss or damage or reputation risks arising from the use of such data.

17. EPWRF India Time Series shall include links to other websites over whose privacy policies EPWRF shall have no control and use of any information that subscribers provide into such websites shall be governed by the privacy policy of operators of those sites. Subscribers shall directly contact operators of such websites for more information.

18. All information presented in the website of EPWRF India Time Series is securely stored within the EPWRF controlled database. The database is stored on servers secured behind a firewall; access to the servers is password-protected and is strictly limited. However, EPWRF does not warrant that the functions in this site shall be uninterrupted or error free or the server that makes it available are free of viruses.

Dispute settlement:

19. These Terms of Access and Disclaimers shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India. Any disputes arising here from shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Mumbai.

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